Copley’s Longpont Studio Explored in OSMOS Magazine, Issue No. 5 Launched at Deauville Resort
December 25, 2014. Photo © Eric Kroll.

OSMOS Magazine launched their fifth issue on the shores and sands of North Miami’s Deauville resort, a stone’s throw from the bustle of NADA’s 2014 site.

An excellent photography journal, OSMOS often discovers and promotes extraordinary and unusual instances of photographic art. For Issue No. 5 the journal reproduces a portion of original studio photographs from Copley’s Longpont residence, where he lived and worked from 1954 until 1962.

Reproducing these images uncropped, as they had originally been intended for reproduction in exhibition publications, OSMOS reveals the influences Copley’s environs must have had on his work. (The image below shows a studio view in quarters designed by reputable architects Maxwell Drew and Jane Fry, whose work at Longpont was recently featured here.)

Most fitting for the occasion of the launch, a very Copley-esque mermaid was recruited to do the honors of the inaugural read. Empanadas were served on beach blankets for guests, and photographer / editor Eric Kroll was on hand to document.

Does this work? Courtesy OSMOS magazine.