Sammlung Philara presents ‘See Yourself as Lovers See You: William N. Copley | Dorothy Iannone’
September 22, 2023

William N. Copley and Dorothy Iannone are subjects of a revelatory two-person exhibition on view at Sammlung Philara, Düsseldorf, through January 14, 2024, entitled:

See Yourself as Lovers See You: William N. Copley | Dorothy Iannone

From the museum’s announcement:

“The new exhibition at Philara focuses on freedom, self-determination, and the ecstasy of physical love; it highlights the interconnections and differences in the work of both artists, Americans whose careers developed in Europe and who continued to produce remarkably comprehensive bodies of work right up to the end of their lives. […]

In their shared light-hearted, humorous interrogation of gender, stereotypes, societal norms, and the resulting battle with censorship, as well as their celebration of the everyday and freedom, coupled with their playful artistic strategies, Copley and Iannone both gave expression to what had until then been repressed in American art.”

Here’s a link to the full announcement.

Preview a selection of installation images, courtesy Sammlung Philara (photography by Kai Werner Shmidt):